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I began my Hypnotherapy career by attending this school (The Robert Shields College), and I have had the privilege to attend many others.    I have to honestly say, the training I received at Robert Shields College was among the best I have received.

Robert Shields is a very respected Hypnotherapist and Hypnosis educator, and his training is an excellent starting point on a career in Hypnotherapy.    I highly recommend it.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy Training tutor Robert Shields      Hi, Dr. Robert Shields here writing to you from the U.K.


I've been a Hypnotherapist for thirty three years and training Hypnotherapists since 1986 when I formed The Robert Shields College.    Now, my years of experience are available to you as a Distance Learning Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Course for studying offline as well as online.

Since qualifying in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy back in 1980, I have worked in what I know  to be one of the best professions in the world.  In fact, saying I 'worked' is not quite accurate as I have never felt that what I have been doing is 'work'.   The saying:

'Find a job you enjoy and you will NEVER work again'

Is so very, very true!

I am not a billionaire philanthropist, like Bill Gates, and need money to live like everyone else.   I am not, therefore, going to offer you masses of free stuff and false promises just to con you into parting with the bulk of your hard-earned money to take my distance learning Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Course.   That's not my style!  What I am going to offer is a straight forward, genuine and sincere offer that has NO hidden agenda, and, at the lowest fee you can imagine for similar training.     

Simply put - you join the course, you take the qualifying exam, you pass the final exam and you are a Clinical Hypnotherapist accredited by The Robert Shields College and automatically a member of The Association of Ethical and Professional Hypnotherapists able to practice with our full backing and support.  If you wish, you can also get one year's membership of Canada's leading Hypnotherapy Organisation completely free.  I give you the details on graduation.

I believe that honesty, integrity and being ethical brings great rewards and to that end I am making you the craziest, best and most affordable offer you can imagine.  That is if you are the slightest bit interested in qualifying and practicing as a Clinical Hypnotherapist through distance learning.

Not Just A Training Program

Even if you don't see the wonderful opportunity for you to change your future for something really worthwhile, my course will also help you with self-improvement and self-realisation as it also brings those qualities into the light that you have hidden for so many years.   As you will learn so many things about your own behaviour and actions, you might even find yourself saving, or improving, relationships that you thought were on the decline.   One thing for certain is that your quality of life will improve after studying my course.



Just wanted to share my excitement and gratitude with you! Your course is really inspiring me and I have noticed a difference in my outlook and it is transforming who I am.

When I am at work as an herbalist helping people I feel really happy and enlightened . I am listening more deeply and seeking first to understand them before making suggestions. No matter how busy it gets in the retail herb shop, I feel at ease and confident!   

Nicole R., USA, Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Student, August 1st, 2013


37 Quality Lessons

The Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Course I offer you consists of 36 Quality lessons that take you from complete novice to a knowledgeable expert in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy - more than enough to get you started in your own practice, or business if you prefer to call it that.

At the end of 37 weeks you will be given the opportunity to take an online qualifying exam and receive the College Diploma and free life-time membership of our in-house association (The Association of Ethical and Professional Hypnotherapists).  And, of course, qualifying also means you can use initials DipCH or DCH (Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy) and M.A.E.P.H (Member of The Association of Ethical and Professional Hypnotherapists) after your name, if that is important to you. 

I am not going into the nitty-gritty on this page as I have put links at the bottom of the page that will give you further information regarding the course syllabus, examination etc.

So..... to the important part of this page - the price!

I know that times are tough and it is almost impossible to pay the thousands of Dollars or UK Pounds being charged by other schools and colleges for Hypnotherapy courses, so I am making it as easy as possible for you to get started.

I'm offering your the full distance learning Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Course for an initial payment of $4.95 (about the same cost of a Starbuck's cup of coffee in London) and then the balance payable through 18 fortnightly payments of $9.90 (that's about £6.00 in U.K. pounds).  

The deal is this:

Pay for the first lesson now and then every 2 weeks as each payment is made, you get another 2 lessons. 

  • First payment of $4.95 gets you Lesson 1 (the foundation lesson and quite large),

  • Second payment 2 weeks later, Lessons 2 and 3,

  • and so on until you have all 37 lessons  (You can cancel the payments at any time if you feel the course is not right for you or if you wish to pay the balance and get the full course.)

  • and then after a short period of time you will be eligible to sit the exam, which by the way, is marked automatically online and your result sent to you immediately, so the College has no control over whether you pass or fail.   This also eliminates the possibility of me changing the results so you have to pay for another attempt - a very unethical practice.

So dear reader, start a new career with my distance learning clinical hypnotherapy training/course.

You can start now to learn, train and become one of the best with one of the most affordable clinical hypnotherapy diploma courses in the UK.

Remember, it doesn't matter what your circumstances are, you can afford this course and just in case you have any doubts, there is a money-back guarantee.   You can get any payment back within 60 days of that payment being made.  No questions asked, just let me know and I will do the refund.   And, of course, you can cancel the remaining payment at any time without any form of penalty.

No fancy sales page, no fancy bonuses,

no fancy words, just a plain and simple offer

that can change your life.


Please remember that this is a time sensitive offer as I am trying out this Pay Plan to see if it will remove financial barriers that are stopping you becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist and I may withdraw it at any time without notice.


Your investment in the FULL Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Course is…

$4.95  First Payment

(UKP3.25 AusD5.40)

(you can cancel payments at any time)

followed by 18 fortnightly payments of $9.90 ($183.15)

 (UK£121.25 + VAT   Aus$ 197.40  )



(This is a digital download for study offline with all lessons available via an .exe file or a .pdf file.  If you prefer, you can study directly online by accessing lessons on our web site. ALL LESSONS ARE PRINTABLE.   You will instantly be directed our Student's Enrolment form and then to the download page upon purchase)

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Here is another one of the many Testimonials We've received,  Why waste your time with lots of Testimonials that are so easy to fake.    I have many, many more you can see - all genuine - see link below to view. 



I would like to take this opportunity to truly thank you for this course and your personal time. You are an inspiration to everyone with your ethics and honesty.   

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for allowing me to change my life and the lives of all those with whom I will be helping in the future.

With my deepest regards,


Jim McGregor, U.K. - (received after graduation)

If you decide you would like to purchase the full course now, please contact me for details.

This may Interest You:

Please read the extract below from an email I received.  The student had paid for the first three lessons and then cancelled his monthly subscriptions.  Some time later, he rejoined my course.  When I asked him why, his reply was:

" I had looked at the other courses out there and yours was by far the best.   I purchased one from the states, what a load of rubbish it was, I joined colleges but none even came a close second to your course. So here's to a long relationship in training"  

As Far as I am concerned, that says it all!!!


What are the advantages of Distance Learning?   

You can study in your own time - take as long as you wish. If you pay weekly you can can get the full course at any time by paying the balance.   On receipt of the full course you must study for a further month before taking the online Qualifying Examination.  In effect, you can qualify within two months or take up to a year.  After one year from the initial payment, it is at the College's discretion if and when you take the Qualifying Examination.

As there is no live training, how do we practice?   

I advise all students to use friends and relatives to practice on   . This is often much better than live training in a classroom as from my own experiences, is often 'too kind' and not honest.    However, with friends and family you almost always get honest individual feedback and, of course, you are also helping your friends and family members with their individual problems (the most common being stopping smoking or losing weight).. I also invite all students to send me recordings of their inductions etc. for an honest critique from myself.  This is easily done through a computer and email.

Why no videos showing techniques etc?

Videos teach you other people's methods and styles.   I remember after graduating and suddenly realising when inducing hypnosis with my clients that I was standing with arms folded and supporting my chin.     I was shocked when I realised I was mimicking course tutor.   Although I had the greatest respect for him, I had promised myself that I would be much better than him and mimicking his body language would only hold me back.     

Everybody is an individual and must develop their own individual style.   That's what makes a great Clinical Hypnotherapist and separates him or her from the many Hypnotherapists who just carry on in the same way they left their training courses.  

When I ran live courses, I would shock my students by telling them that, "I did not want them to become as good as me."  I would then tell them that, "I wanted them to be much better than me and only that would make me feel proud of them and happy I had done a good job."       I think that alone encouraged most of my students to become leading Clinical Hypnotherapists.

What is Accreditation and how do I get it?     

I sometimes get asked who gives accreditation to Hypnotherapists?     Is it the Government or individual organisations?  . Is accreditation recognised by a country's government and is it necessary to practice.

Let me say outright that the word 'Accreditation' is a powerful word used by most con merchants trying to sell their courses at over inflated costs.    Almost every organisation on the Internet, claims to be an Accreditation Body and some even claim that they have sole right to give Accreditation to graduates from Hypnotherapy courses, usually their own.   Don't fall for it!  They are after your money and have self-interest at heart.

In U.K. there is no such thing as Accreditation.     Everyone in the U.K. practices under Common Law and that means, in effect, anyone can call themselves a Hypnotherapist.  There is no controlling body sanctioned by the Government.   To date, the Government have only asked the world of Hypnotherapy, to self-govern themselves.  The result of which is that organisation have sprung up all over the country claiming to have Government approval.  THAT IS NONSENSE!!! 

I was at the very first meeting of Hypnotherapy organisations, held in the U.K. held at a London College circa 1990, when many Hypnotherapy training schools were represented.   It was a pantomime of self-interest and the organisers were torn apart and their self-interest exposed.    I swore I would never go to another such meeting and leave it up to the Government to set something up.  To date they have not.   If you don't believe me, write to your local Member of Parliament and ask him for clarification, it will only take you a few minutes and a postage stamp.

So the bottom line is that if you want to practice in the U.K., there is nothing to stop you and no need to waste your money joining the many 'dubious' organisations.     Your diploma and free Association membership on graduation is all you need.

In countries other than the U.K. there are various regulations, but generally there is none.   It is almost always left to local authorities to make bylaws governing the practice of Clinical Hypnotherapy.     

My advice is that if you are in doubt, phone a local Hypnotherapist and ask about Government recognition. and always contact your local Government Representative or Congressman etc. and ask for clarification. 

The College has been around for 23 years and we give you accreditation.     In the past 11 years when  the course has been available online, not one single feedback has been received saying accreditation was a problem or could not be resolved.

To the best of my knowledge, in the U.S.A. there are no restrictions in the following states: Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin.  (I am thankful to Steve Jones, a very trusted Hypnotherapy Training provider, for this information).

Who will recognise the Diploma awarded?

The first question I need to ask to answer this question is, who do you want to recognise the diploma, an organisation or clients?  The second question is what is the benefits you are looking for by having the diploma recognised?

Personally I believe that It is your skills and knowledge that are important not pieces of paper.   However I understand that you may want to join an organisation to give your qualifications credibility and to give your clients confidence in you.

There are literally hundreds of organisations worldwide offering membership and support to Clinical Hypnotherapists.  Some of them ask for ridiculous, fees to join them and add their membership to your qualifications.   Some are well established and genuine and others, far too many I'm afraid, are just  out to get your money and give little in return.

I have had too many sad experiences with some of the U.K. organisations and swore never to join another one, unless it becomes absolutely necessary.   The College was at one time a registered Hypnotherapy School with The American Board of Hypnotherapy and myself a registered trainer with them. The Governing Body changed and overnight my memberships were rescinded because my course did not include hands-on training.   I believe they have again changed their minds and I could apply again, but 'once bitten, twice shy' and I shall not be doing so.

So if you want recognition by an external organisation, here are many that will accept you for membership after graduating.  All you need do is look for one and be VERY careful you are joining the right one.

If you want recognition by your clients, and that is perfectly understandable, display your diploma in your waiting room, or in your consultation room, being sure a client can see it and read it without embarrassment.   Be sure to display your Membership Certificates also and most importantly, you Public Liability Insurance Certificate.  With those on display, your clients will feel reassured that you are a bona fide qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Incidentally, you will have no problems getting insurance after completing my Distance Learning clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Course.   I have never had a graduate report back to me that they could not find an Insurance company that would accept them.

Is there support given during the course and after graduation?    

You should be surprised to learn that regardless of the price you pay, you get all the support you require from me personally, both during the course and after you have completed it.    All it takes to get support is an email (my web sites all have contact details - I don't hide behind the Internet complexities) and I will give you the benefit of my experience and give you advice and guidance.    But let me say that my course is so comprehensive, it is rare that anyone needs clarification or help, with the course itself, but I do get requests for help from graduates, sometimes as much as years later.  I answer ALL emails received.

If you have any questions I have not covered above,  please feel free to contact me though the contact tab at the top right of this page.

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